Time, Date & Numbering Stamps

RapidPrint ARL-E Time & Date Stamp

  • A RapidPrint ARL-E time stamp is easy to use. Just insert the document and it is instantly printed with the time and date.

  • A RapidPrint ARL-E time stamp is also very fast allowing hundreds of documents to be stamped within a short period of time.

  • Unlike handwritten records, the printed record is accurate and easy to read.

  • Electronic circuitry in the ARL-E assures dependable service, simplified maintenance, consistently clear imprints.

  • Durable brass typewheels provide superior imprints.

  • Rugged metal housing, stainless steel paper plate and sturdy case lock discourage tampering.

  • UL approved.

The RapidPrint ARL-E Time & Date Stamp is the same as the RapidPrint AR-E model with the addition of a digital clock face in front.  They print anywhere across the top or bottom of a document (prints horizontal to the inserted edge of the document).  Whenever you need a printed record of time and date, a RapidPrint automatic time stamp can do the job.  Simply insert the form, document or letter for an instantaneous time-date imprint.  Another popular RapidPrint model is the RapidPrint AR-E (No Clock Face) and the RapidPrint ARC-E (Analog Clock Face).

Rapidprint C724-Series Mechanical Time and Date Stamp

  • Invoices, Bills of Lading, and Purchase Orders

  • Stock Receipts, Court Documents, Vouchers

  • Insurance Claim Processing

  • Police Department Telephone Complaints

  • Bank Passbooks, License Control

Rapidprint C724-Series Mechanical Time and Date Stamp The Rapidprint C724-E Dual Head Mechanical Date, Time, and Numbering Machine Stamp allows for double print heads providing the most reliable Mechanical Date-Time and Numbering Machine Stamp all-in-one. The Rapidprint C724-E prints a 6-digit number automatically advancing the number on the same line as the date and time. These heavy-duty stamps provide maximum versatility - of operation and of print options and also allowing for quick recording on all your business forms from onion skin to 1/4" thick.

Widmer Electronic Time Stamp

Model T-3

  • Accurate Timing

  • Elegant Appearance

  • Lasting Performance

  • Durable Construction

  • Quality Impressions

Widmer Model T-3 Time Stamp is versatile, featuring high quality, clean, crisp imprints. It is compact and offers a wide variety of desirable features. It is a distinctive two tone, light and dark gray finish that will complement the décor of any office. The digital time display can be synchronized with the time print mechanism.  A new, open throat and finger indent case feature allows for greater accessibility. Documents of letter size or small tickets can be inserted with ease. The depth of the throat can be adjusted to allow a selection of imprint locations. Stamping pressure can be electronically increased to penetrate through multi-part carbon and non carbon forms. Inscriptions can be both above and below the time and date line.

Widmer E-3 Electric Embosser

  • Automatically stamps documents placed beneath printer; no handles to pull or buttons to push

  • 1-3/16" to 2" adjustable throat depth to accomodate different size forms

  • Machine comes equipped with lock and key system for added security

The Widmer E-3 Electric Embosser is perfect for single sheet and two-part carbonized forms, as well as certificates, diplomas, and legal papers. This unit features a heavy-duty trigger mechanism to automatically apply the embossment once the paper has been inserted beneath the machine. It can easily be set to stamp at the same depth consistently and accurately.
     The optional guide shelves allow for exact positioning every time. Stamping pressure can be electronically adjusted so that dies do not cut through the document.
     The seals can be designed from the most simple to the most complex. Seals can be imprinted to within 2" from the edge of the document.
     Text only seal included in price. Additional charges for State Seal & Text or Custom Seal with Art Work. See below under Related Products. You may e-mail us drawing of text only seal, "camera ready artwork" of state seal or custom seal to sales@ticktocksales.com. Or click here for mailing address.
     Optional foot pedal, security lock, guide shelf, visual counter and extension trigger also available.

Widmer Model 776-E Transcript Validator with Seal Embosser

  • Just insert Document, no buttons to push

  • Sensitive Trigger, accepts light-weight paper

  • Adjustable Stamping Pressure so the dies do not cut through the document 

  • Base model includes…Case Lock, Embossed Seal, Date, Signature, Title Text and One line of Custom Text
    (seal sizes: 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″ or 2″ diameter) 

  • Eliminates the use of Hand Operated embossers                             

  • Precision made Brass Die Plate                             

  • Optional: Electric Security Lock 

  • Optional: Visual Counter

  • Optional: Standard or Oversize Guide Shelf

  • Optional: Wavy or Dotted Backgrounds for Signatures

  • Optional: Three Color Ribbon (Green, Red, Blue) 

  • Optional: Foot Treadle Stamping 

  • Optional: Extension Trigger

The Widmer Model 776-E Transcript Validator with Seal Embosser combines the ink-printed date, signature and inscription plate from the Model TV-776 with the embossed seal from the Model E-3 into one machine! This rugged and reliable machine is perfect for single sheet certificates, diplomas, and legal documents. Single hand operation, no buttons to push. The trigger mechanism can be set to at the same consistent depth and an optional guide shelf is available to allow for correct positioning every time. Stamping pressure can be easily electronically adjusted so the dies do not cut through the document.

     The seals can have simple engraving, (text only seal included at the base price) or complex designs on quote. Seals can print on the edge of the document, using extension trigger option, or up to a maximum of 3” in depth. There is no standard trigger depth as it would vary with the diameter of the seal.

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