Check Endorsers      

Widmer S3 Check Signer

  • Security

  • Dual lock system

  • Case lock

  • Security lock

  • Visual counter

  • Removable die holder

  • Instantaneous trip

  • Reasonable price

  • Adjustable guide

  • Rugged metal case

  • Brass signature plate

The Widmer S-3 Check Signer includes Signature Plate, Ribbon, Non-Resettable Counter and Custom Set-up.  The S-3-C is an automatic stamp, single sheet check signer. The operation and signature plate access are controlled by a secure key lock system. The Widmer S-3 offers automatic check signing by simply inserting your check!  


DI-100 CS Check Endorser/Signer

  • Non-resettable counter counts imprints only when imprinting function is activated via the imprint key

  • All metal construction with tamper-proof screws provides total security

  • Executive key/lock prevents unauthorized access to imprint plates

  • Imprint location is easily adjusted while imprinting.

  • Allows for a variety of imprint designs such as signatures, endorsements, seals and logos with either the standard or optional oversized imprint plates

  • Imprints can be placed virtually anywhere on the document

  • Easily adapts to any single part document in a wide range of lengths, widths and weights

  • Automatic alignment feature assures accurate imprint location

The Hedman DI-100 Check Endorser/Signer is ideal for endorsing different size documents. Dual key locks and both a resettable and non-resettable counter are included for maximum controls. Includes four pre-programmed job settings. It processes at a fixed speed of 300 pieces per minute.

The Widmer RS High-Speed, Cut-Sheet Signer/Endorser

  • Up to nine different programmable check or form formats

  • Non-resettable audit counter records all RS imprinting

  • Separate integrated batch control counter

  • Tamper-proof, double key security

  • Snap-out signature plates

The Widmer RS check signer is a stand alone laser check signing machine that can be programmed for 9 different form lengths.  The Widmer RS prints up to 200 documents per minute.  The Widmer model RS High-Speed, Cut-Sheet Signer/Endorser signs laser-generated checks with virtually any size check and signature placement. The RS also can be used to endorse checks for deposit, used as a transcript validator, date forms, and count an endless number of letters, warranties, and purchase orders. The Widmer RS runs rapidly, increasing office efficiency and productivity.

Shear Tech LE-5950 Dual-head

Automatic Check Endorser

  • Dual inkjet cartridges

  • High speed (7,000 doc/hr)

  • Integrated auto feeder

  • Ink Level monitoring capability and "Ink Low" notification

  • Keyboard programmable

  • 33 selectable endorse format lines

  • Four Operating Modes

  • RS232 communication port for Firmware Upgrades

  • Backup of entire configuration on a PC

The Shear Tech LE-5950 is a fully automatic, high speed, stand alone, programmable, check endorser with double  print heads.  With our new LE-5950 we doubled the printing power of our previous model LE-5900 by adding second print head. The LE-5950 can now print twice as much information, compared to LE-5900, at the same speed of up to 7,000 doc/hr.

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